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Hi! I'm Paula

I'm a 21-year-old girl from Guarda, a small town in Portugal.

I am currently doing an internship at HelloFresh (Berlin) and I'm having the most exciting time of my life. I'm growing and learning so much with the best developers that I wish I could stay here forever.

I finished my Bachelor’s degree in New Communication Technologies at the University of Aveiro. During those 3 years, I learned and developed several skills that greatly exalt me as both a person and as a professional.

I'm passionate about photography, video, and of course, developing user-friendly and intuitive websites. After all, who doesn't like a little beauty in what they see?

I am a person who loves to bring joy to other people’s lives, as well as being carried away by the happiness of others.

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What I do.

Here are some of the areas that I really love to work on. I'm really passionate about design and UX/UI. Infographic design is also something that really interests me.


Since I am a very expressive person, I love to exchange creative ideas, and provide aesthetic guidance on how to implement them. I always adhere to certain principles and to a specific purpose. This is the area in which I most enjoy working.

WEB development

Implementation of ideas and pre-defined concepts is fundamental to the success of any project. After all, without implementation, the physical barrier between ideas and realization would never be overcome.

Mobile apps

Increasingly websites are accessed via mobile devices, therefore the website design has to take this into account. It's important to keep this in mind and design applications that are device-appropriate

Brand Identity

The way we want our users to view us depends on our brand identity and our values. This is an area I love exploring, to build a strong, cohesive and consistent brand identity.


I have always had a great interest in photography, and what I can show other people through this medium. I think that our eyes are the best camera in existence, however, with the right skills, we can show others some of the beauty that we capture from the world around us.


Video: The best way to look at the world is dynamically.I like to see things moving, with colour and joy. This is, after all, how children see the world, and don’t we all have a child somewhere inside us?

My skills.

Here are some skills that I have acquired during my undergraduate degree. Note that I can also work with Premiere, and, to an extent, After Effects. Bootstrap and Foundation are also frameworks that I can work within.



java script






Let's work together!

I am available for freelance projects.

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recent work.

For more detailed information on the projects below, contact me.


My work so far has been completed in an academic context, in collaboration with my colleagues: Eunice Costa, Pedro Mealha and Reinaldo Simões.

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I can be contacted by phone, email and post, but since I am a very technological person, I would opt for email!